Taco Bell Corp. is a California-based fast service restaurant chain that specializes in Mexican style fast food. Taco Bell--with 1995 sales in the United States of $3.5 billion dollars--held the largest share of the Mexican-style restaurant market in the United States. In mid-1997 the fast food chain was owned by the giant PepsiCo empire and was expected to soon become part of the restaurant holding company TRICON Global Restaurants, Inc., a far cry from its modest beginnings as a hot dog stand.




Taco Bell Fully Loaded Nachos & Salads

I've been playing around with making restaurant food at home for quite some time now and have come up with a quick and easy way to make Taco Bell's latest creations in my kitchen. Here you will find out how to make simple homemade flour tortillas and tortillas bowls which you can fill with your favorite ingredients for taco salads and nachos.

The first time I ever had a soft shell taco was in the late 70's on a high school trip to Mexico City. I was fascinated by the ladies on the street rolling the dough and frying these tasty treats. Mexican food was not as ubiquitious as it is today.

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New Offerings at Taco Bell

Fully Loaded Salads

For a limited time only, Taco Bell presents two new “Fully Loaded Taco Salad” options in the form of the Chicken Ranch and Chipotle Steak flavors. Chicken Ranch includes grilled chicken drizzled with zesty ranch dressing then loaded with chunky beans, cheese and seasoned rice. Chipotle Steak includes carne asada steak drizzled with creamy chipotle dressing then loaded with chunky beans, cheese and seasoned rice.

Fully Loaded Nachos

The newest product from Taco Bell helps to solve an epidemic that affects all the nacho lovers out there. Horrible chip to topping ratio and balance. A nacho chip without toppings is usually a bad thing, so Taco Bell proclaims that their new Fully Loaded Nachos has toppings on every bite. It’s jam packed with hearty beans, fiesta salsa, guacamole, sour cream, crispy tortilla strips, nacho cheese, 3 cheese blend and double the ground beef as the Nachos Bellgrande. And it’s all served inside a giant nacho bowl, giving you just another reason to get your fully loaded nacho on.

Fully Loaded Nachos

Make your own Tortilla Bowl

The key to these dishes is the tortilla bowl. You can buy them in the store but they taste pretty darn bland and I prefer flour over corn tortillas.

I was tired of buying expensive scalloped edge tortilla bowls for salads. I decided to buy or make tortilla and form my own shells. So easy you would believe it!

When you go to a Mexican restaurant, you might enjoy a taco salad served in a bowl made from a tortilla. But it's easy to make these bowls at home. The best part about these bowls is that because they're baked and not fried, they're healthier than the tortilla bowls served at restaurants.

For a batch of 6 small bowls


6 (8 inch flour tortillas) store bought or homemade

spray shortening

Cooking Utensils

one flat baking tray

7 oven proof soup bowls (i used my corelle ware)


  1. Heat oven to 350.
  2. Spray the inside of 6 bowls.
  3. Place a tortilla inside each bowl.
  4. Stack filled bowls inside of each other.
  5. Place the 7th empty bowl inside of the 6th bowl.
  6. Place a weight inside the bowl that is heat resistant. (I just wrapped a rock with foil)
  7. Bake 10 - 12 minutes.
  8. If you form homemade tortillas, bake a little longer to form the shells. It seems they have more moisture in them.
  9. Remove tray from oven. Do not move the bowls.
  10. Let them cool down. Then remove the bowls.

Make only 6 at each time.

If you want to make just one or two use the same stacking method

and microwave on high for 5-6 minutes. I used the extra bowls for weight.

Let them cool for a few minutes and they will be in the perfect shape of the bowl and ready

to use.

Once you have your bowls prepared itss time to have fun filling them.

The Taco Bell salads are made with chicken or steak.
I usually use a fajita or taco seasoning packet to make a marinade for the meat. Then grill it on my George Forman grill because it cooks really fast.

The Taco Bell nachos call for ground beef.

Once you decide on the meat load it up with veggies, beans, rice and cheese. Throw on some sour cream or ranch dressing, salsa or quacamole.

It can be really low calorie or fattening as hell depending on what you decide to put in your bowl.

The calorie content for the these at the restaurant are extremely high. If you want a more fiqure friendly version its much better to make these at home.

Get CREATIVE and HAVE FUN in your kitchen!!

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