Taco Bell Corp. is a California-based fast service restaurant chain that specializes in Mexican style fast food. Taco Bell--with 1995 sales in the United States of $3.5 billion dollars--held the largest share of the Mexican-style restaurant market in the United States. In mid-1997 the fast food chain was owned by the giant PepsiCo empire and was expected to soon become part of the restaurant holding company TRICON Global Restaurants, Inc., a far cry from its modest beginnings as a hot dog stand.




Happy Hour

Taco Bell is also promoting its "Happier Hour" on a seasonal basis, the period between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. when it makes beverages and snack items available for $1.  The Happier Hour menu offers Loaded Grillers, Freezes, Sparklers, and Medium Drinks for only $1 each.

If you're wondering what a Freeze is, it looks like Taco Bell has gotten rid of the fruit topping on their Frutista Freezes and are now just offering them as Freezes without the fruit. The ice slush drinks are available in Mountain Dew Baja Blast, Pink Lemonade, and Pina Colada. You can probably expect a rotation of flavors similar to the previous drinks.

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